Boyd Eustace, LCPC – S

LB Counseling Services, LLC

1 East Chase Street, Baltimore, MD 21202



Each of us can learn more effective and rational ways of responding to our specific set of circumstances and relationship challenges. Deciding who to go to for counseling or coaching, to trust your concerns and aspirations with, can be a life-changing choice. It is not unusual to have questions and concerns when deciding about therapy, and therapists should clearly explain their training and approach to therapy. I have 35 years of training and clinical/supervisory experience in a variety of treatment settings. I received advanced training in Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RE-CBT) at the Albert Ellis Institute in NYC. The RE-CBT approach is person-centered and helps clients efficiently resolve emotional and behavioral problems so that they can live a happier and more fulfilling life. The process and methods are evidenced-based and efficient.  The therapeutic relationship is built on mutual trust, unconditional acceptance, and results. 

Currently, I offer psychotherapy and RE-CBT coaching for individuals and couples, as well as consultation/supervision services to mental health providers in Baltimore City @ LB Counseling Services, LLC. I am also a metal health therapist and clinical supervisor at Bon Secours Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. In my counseling practice at LB Counseling Services, I specialize in brief therapy for emotional and relationship disturbances. I use an RE-CBT approach that offers practical solutions for anger management, excessive worry, anxiety, work dissatisfaction and burnout, and unhealthy relationships.  

For more information about receiving professional counseling services at LB Counseling Services, and request an appointment, please note the nature of your request and leave your preferred contact information in the message section below.

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