Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Ideas for Effective Living by Walter J. Matweychuk, Ph.D.

  1. Emotional Responsibility: People a life give me the opportunity to get upset. I can choose not to disturb myself when they create adversity for me so I can take constructive action. I can choose how I feel when life is rough.
  2. Unconditional Self and Other Acceptance: Humans are born mistake makers. It is best to accept myself and others unconditionally because we are human. Reject and penalize misbehavior, but fully accept the fallible human.
  3. Uncertainty Tolerance: I dislike uncertainty. I can act and live well despite it. Even though I may fail, I can take calculated risks to achieve my goals.
  4. Discomfort Tolerance: Frustration and discomfort are difficult to bear. I can and will tolerate the discomfort required to achieve my important life goals.
  5. Self-Direction: Without approval from others, I can choose to make my own choices in life and be responsible for the outcome of my decisions. I am willing to pay some price for owning myself and my choices.
  6. Vitally Absorbing Interests: I will tend to be healthier and happier if I maintain a vitally absorbing interest and significant human involvement.
  7. Tolerance of Life: Utopias do not exist and it is best to accept the difficulties of life. I will change what can be changed and not upset myself over what cannot be changed. I can have some degree of happiness despite my adversities.
  8. Acceptance: Things do not absolutely have to be as I want them to be. I disturb myself by demanding reality to be as I think it should be instead of accepting it as it is and striving to control and change what is within my domain of influence.